Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions, answered.


What’s the difference between video platforms like YouTube and Corviq?
Youtube is a free network of videos, viewers go on Youtube to watch free content, not to pay for content. Corviq is for premium content, you use Corviq to make money from your videos. Make no mistake, consumers are willing to pay to watch videos. Youtube is content overload, way too many options and lots of free content no one would pay for, but when you add value to something and put a price on it and showcase it well using the Corviq themes, customers are willing to jump on it and pay money for viewing your content.

What is the difference between course platforms such as Udemy and Corviq?
There are a few differences between course platforms such as Udemy, SkillShare, and Corviq. Udemy, for example, is a marketplace, where you post your course and expect sales from the marketplace, you then pay a revenue share split to Udemy. Udemy is also structured primarily for individual courses. Corviq, on the other hand, is built so you take 100% of the profits, and build a video catalog (which does not have to be huge) you can simply split your content into small bite size content and build your programs/categories using our themes and then offer your content for sale in a simple fashion that is digestible to your audience. Another big disadvantage it marketplace course platforms such as Udemy, Coursera etc is that you have no access to your users and your users see a lot of other content which quickly distracts them, so they are not loyal for long.

What level of security is provided for my content to protect against theft?
We protect and stream all content via an encryption protocol to protect against download and theft. All videos downloaded on branded apps are secured as well.

Are there any limits to the number of videos or bandwidth?
With Corviq, you get unlimited video streaming and bandwidth on all Corviq plans. We use AWS CDN, which is a content delivery network, it’s the same CDN that both Netflix & Youtube use. It means that we can stream videos for you to thousands of users at the same time, AWS does the streaming for us and heavy lifting of the video, we simply store the videos securely in AWS data centers.

Sales & Marketing

Can your system handle millions of viewers?
Yes. Corviq connects to AWS CDN, so we can support millions of simultaneous connections at once. Check out our features page for more information about our video streaming services, which also includes Full HD video support.

Can I accept credit cards?
Yes. You can accept credit cards directly from your customers securely via the Corviq platform. In the near future, we will also add direct Paypal support so you can accept Paypal payments.

Is Corviq the right fit for launching a membership site?
Yes. 75% of Corviq customers run membership sites and they use our collaboration tools to build a community within their sites, such as enabling comments and discussions within the member’s area.

Video Platform

Can viewers watch my videos anywhere in the world?
Yes. We use a global CDN called AWS. AWS has servers all over the world so that viewers all over the world can instantly access your videos anywhere in the world with no buffering time. Both Netflix and Youtube stream videos exactly in the same workflow that we do.

How long will it take for me to upload my videos?
Depends on your upload speed. On average it can take 10-30 minutes per 1 hour of video to upload, but this fully depends on your upload speed at your location. If you have a connection upload speed of 10MB+ the upload speed can take as little as 10 minutes, which is what the average user in North America has access too.dauern, worauf auch der durchschnittliche Benutzer in Nordamerika Zugriff hat.

Can I upload videos, documents, pictures and other assets?
You can upload any type of asset and deliver it using the Corviq platform. This includes videos, documents, presentations, audio, attachments, images and even live streaming. It’s easy to upload your content to Corviq using a bulk uploader.